Your site design has a cat in it.


Vadim/@jamiejakov on Twitter this afternoon:

@hanezawakirika the cat sitting on the line when you scroll to the bottom is intentional? thats not a bug right?

Well, in fact it's not! It's a cat, actually. ;) Maybe more a kitten. They're a member of the feline family, and they're kind of possessive. I think he/she/it probably owns more of the site more than I do now.

Nah, I kid. It's actually just a problem I haven't been able to properly address yet, since this theme hack was really quickly done one night - or should I say really early one morning.

Since I've had exams and have been more interesting in showing Ruben some TLC than studying or going home I haven't been able to really look into it much, but I should be changing the site again in a few weeks anyway - hopefully - so for now I hope you can overlook the little flaws in my design.

I promise I'll be more interesting later!