You grew up around Hornsby if you remember...

Hornsby Northgate, Source: Supplied

This is already an article from a few months back, but it certainly is a trip down memory lane. While I may have only been on this earth for a scant 21 years, with my grandparents living in Hornsby and once being a student of Hornsby Girls’ High School, as well as having a certain SO now living in that direction, I have long memories of the Hornsby as it is today and as it was in the 1990s.

One image which confirms my otherwise vague memories of the earlier years of my life is of Northgate shopping centre (top image), where my grandparents used to take me in the afternoons when they went on walks. Of course I’ve written about this before, but there was a long ramp, a Coles and a ‘Donut King’ I used to stand outside, pressing my face up against the glass as I watched the fresh, hot doughnuts pop out of the machine. I always itched to pick it fresh out of the machine and see how it tasted, but of course my grandparents never bought any.

Hornsby Pool, Source: News Limited

Of course, it’s a reminder of recent memories too, such as the Hornsby Pool which is no more. 6 years of Hornsby Girls’ High School swimming carnivals (2004-2009) have come to an end, from when I was a fresh, year 7 girl in Scott, the blue house, to a jaded year 12 student as part of the ‘Rainbow’ house — the year 12 house which we’d dubbed ‘Bath house’ for 2009.

The day usually signaled a few short trips to the milk bar they had open near the entrance of the pool, where you could buy ice blocks, lollies and other snacks. As well as sunburn if you didn’t wear sunscreen and sit far back enough that the sun wouldn’t sear you throughout the day — but everyone sat at the back so there was never enough space. Finally, you had to be careful not to let any prized possessions fall down the gap between the wooden slats of the wooden benches, sticky when wearing sunscreen.

There are so many memories that I do not share of Hornsby, but as always I’m proud to be part of its long history and remembering the way it was and is now. I’d always thought since I was little and carted off to my grandparents’ apartment for the day that I would love to live in Hornsby one day. Yes, it is a fringe suburb, but it’s also a friendly, quiet and convenient place — all of the best in a suburb.

Nice to know that the carpet in the Hornsby RSL hasn’t changed in this whole time.

Photographs are from The Telegraph’s online article.

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