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... I feel somewhat under pressure today... for reasons I will not disclose. It mostly has to do with getting ahead of myself, when I should just sit back and relax (as if) about it (alright, maybe just... not worry so much... which is a lame and inadequate answer...) - but I guess I really am a woman worrier. Or am I woman warrior? Oh Mr Phillips, I am confused. xD (I apologise for all the ellipsis, but it reflects my current frame of mind...)

Tuesday = Introduction to Information Systems.

Lecture was pretty much about Business Information Systems. I think I might need to look up more information on this topic, although I guess it all depends on the level of detail they go into in consecutive weeks - more stress though. Ugh assignments....

Speaking of which, lecture we did follow the sheet this time, although most of us are still under the impression the tutor cannot really speak properly. Well, I have nothing against his accent... but I'm just not sure what he's wanting part of the time. Urgh. >_< Still at least we have a GROUP formulated now! Yet, we have no name... and we were supposed to send our group details to ... our lecturer? I forget so I need to find that, wherever it is! gets a stressed feeling...

Also in the group, there are two second years, and two first years (a boy and a girl in each), so I feel a little intimidated. Just a little.... or a lot.