YANSS Podcast 029: Labels

This post regards YANSS Podcast 029: How Labels Affect Our Thoughts and Feelings and Behaviours, with Adam Alter.

I have just finished listening to this episode. Labels really suck. I’m a walking example of self-fulfilling prophecy, but just because I know it doesn’t mean that I can stop myself from doing it all the same. For some people, being told they suck at something just gives them a drive to do better, do their best. But it’s not that way for all people.

I remember the days in high school where I hid in my room, taking no part in the proceedings outside. I was kinda worried at that point how much yelling of specifically “廢柴” (lit. dead wood, definition: useless/incompetent) was being directed at my brother. But what do you know, he’s a high achiever. Nothing like me who will grow up to be a cleaner… Ah, (some) Asian parents.

On the plus side, I’m not a cleaner yet (by occupation). On the other side.. the other plus side, whenever I think cleaner I’m reminded of Murphy’s Law where Murphy goes undercover as a cleaner in order to solve a case, and Darker Than Black where Hei goes undercover as a cleaner to complete his mission. Inoccuous and ignored for the most part means plenty of sneaking about secretly! Now that I wouldn’t mind!