Wreck-it Ralph and AKB48

Wreck-It Ralph poster

I’ve been meaning to watch this movie since it first came out, and unbeknownst to me it somehow became TWO WHOLE YEARS since it had been released and I still hadn’t watched it. My good friend Seb was kind enough to pass it on to me, so I watched it this week as I multitasked on various things.

While the movie was not what I expected, it certainly exceeded my expectations and deserves at least a second rewatch. Ralph has some impossibly large hands, but I was enthralled by the design of the racer characters in Sugar Rush (too cute), the game that Ralph finally ends up causing the most havoc in as he attempts to gain some recognition rather than always being thought of as the ‘bad guy’.

Given I was watching the movie in a small frame it was difficult to appreciate the animation to its full extent, but the movie does make a reference to that a few times in regards to 8-bit vs High-Definition. There are a lot more great references throughout the movie, playing on game mechanics and moments that make you laugh. There are also moments that seem downright implausible yet genius at the same time - a completely new way of seeing things.

What surprised me however, was watching the credits idly after the movie and suddenly being assaulted with Japanese music of all things. We heard a snippit of Sugar Rush when Ralph first realises he’s in the game and groans his disgust, however it wasn’t until hearing the full song from the credits that you realise it’s part of a Japanese song by none other than idol group AKB48 - of course, no better way to market the country than with AKB who are already so popular.

There’s an interesting amount of Japanese-Western collaboration in this movie that I am as yet unaware of the full extent, I believe, and don’t have the time to look into currently. But I would like to see more of this sort of collaboration, if this is the kind of fun work that it pumps out. For now, I’ll just keep blasting Sugar Rush (PV below) to its damned catchy beat. If interested, there’s also a fantastic English version.