World's Smartest Woman

I read up on the world’s smartest woman today, and how men took it upon themselves to call her response to a maths problem out as wrong despite her numerous attempts to explain why, in a clear and concise manner. They told her she should go back to school and shamed herself, but it wasn’t until she called on schoolkids across the country to do the experiment for themselves to see if the results spoke for themselves that people then began to believe her.

There are others who have described the whole affair much better than I would have been able to, so I’ll just pass on to them, or you can read it in Marilyn’s own words.

Now were they correcting her just because she was a woman and they didn’t believe that her response that contradicted theirs could possibly be right because they were the professors here, and there was no way they could be wrong, or was it something else? There are a few that continue to hold on to weak arguments despite the shown proof of the students’ experiments in probability.

Despite it being a good read, I don’t like the first article either that asserts that Marilyn didn’t consider the game show context, where the host often encourages you to change, or discourages you, trying to influence your decision. In this scientific and mathematical question though, this seems highly irrelevant to me, as it makes no direct reference to the game show.

Well, take a read and develop your own thoughts. I might be interested in tuning into Marilyn’s articles on a regular basis now. What a talented lady…