Workplace Myths

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Myth: Employees must work for you for 12 months before they can take leave.

Fact: All leave starts to accrue as soon as employees commence work.

One distinct advantage of working for an e-learning company is that you end up learning a great deal about Workplace Health and Safety as well as Equal Employment Opportunity, since a great deal of courses are developed specifically to teach these principles.

At first, it seems pointless to know these things, but then you realise that so many people are actually ignorant to these, particularly if they don’t work in a large corporation where online training is probably mandatory. Two against one for needing to work 12 months before you can take leave? The facts are on my side, my friends.

The other advantage is learning about accessibility, as all government sites are required to be WCAG 2.0 Level AA by December 2013, but more about that another time since I still haven’t been given the chance to properly document it. And yet, I can still remember it.