Woman in Refrigerator

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey in recent movies

From Forbes:

The phrase “woman in refrigerator”, coined by future comic book writer Gail Simone 1999, referred to the tendency of comic books to do harm upon the girlfriends, wives, or female siblings of a male hero for the sole purpose of making the hero feel bad and/or seek vengeance. It was named after an incident in a 1994 Green Lantern comic where Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend was murdered and stuffed in a refrigerator. It soon became the de-facto phrase for the pattern in comic books by which the female supporting character in a male-centric title would be raped, murdered, assaulted and/or de-powered so that the male here could “have a sad.”

I haven’t watched the latest of the Amazing Spiderman movies, and there’s a massive spoiler there that was the turning point for the Western comics world many decades ago, but I just thought how the last line was phrased here was rather amusing.

The fact that there is nothing amusing about female tropes and violence against women aside, at least the new ‘Alternate Universe’ comic out which features Gwen Stacy as ‘Spiderwoman’ has piqued my interest enough to want to take a shallow dive into the Western comics world.