Wiseman's Ferry and the Oncoming Storm

Chicken Jaeger and Rosti at Forgotten Valley

My first trip (in remembered memory) to Wiseman’s Ferry started out as a bright and sunny day, and ended up with a cold and violent storm that brought down trees - luckily not the way we were returning.

Joining a late celebration of Ruben’s father’s birthday, we headed out to a wonderful restaurant called Forgotten Valley in Wiseman’s Ferry today. Although it was a bit of a drive in the small car, it was a relatively fun one as we chatted and looked out at the fields rolling past. I may have spotted some farmyard animals given we were slowly leaving the urban lifestyle behind us as we clicked out this far.

The parking area was quiet as we left and I was greeted to a poor teddy bear tied up against a post. It was dressed as an Australian Police officer, so I can only guess it had been left with the duty of guarding the entrance.

We sat down and took our time ordering. We we waited for the food to arrive, we admired the view and I watched the horses wandering around below on the lawn, their bellies fat as they continued to crop grass and laid down on the lush greenery lazily given it was such a warm and bright day.

Ruben and I elected to share a dish given that he has a small appetite - I can usually eat more than him, but it’s probably more healthy not to. ;) That being said I can also eat less and feel fine. Afterwards we had fondue, Ruben’s father engaged in conversation with the kind and helpful owner of the store and we finally left.

No sooner had I said it was a nice day than the clouds began to roll in with a vengeance and the parallels in the sky were a sight to behold. We stopped many times to take photographs of the perfectly blue and clear sky on one side and the dangerous looking storm clouds rolling past on the other. We needed to make a quick stop inside of a Woolworths, and no sooner had we gone inside than the skies opened up and dumped a ton of rain.

The noise was rather alarming and the awning of the Woolworths leaked an awful lot. A man who made it in came over and let us know that a tree had come down across the road just where we had passed by before to get to the Woolworths, before he continued on to relay the information to someone else. We’d been lucky..

Finally, the weather cleared up enough we could make it to the car again without getting wet, and we drove away.

No one could say it wasn’t an eventful day, that’s for sure. As someone who likes needless amounts of excitement, that sure filled my meter for a while to come.