Why sukumizus are superior

Railgun girls in stylised speedo-type sukumizu

This post seeks to explore the popularity of sukumizu, or sukūru mizugi (スクール水着), as opposed to bikinis in different cultures… Kind of. The first paragraph was written by Ruben, but credited to myself.

In western culture, we are trained to believe woman are only beautiful when spore-ing [sic] bikinis. This is a gross and thorough injustice. In the east, it has long been established that sukumizus are not only classier, but superior in every way. One does not need to wear underwear in public to look pretty.

In fact, there is a lot to be said for those willing and with the courage to take up the challenge of the sukumizu.

(Re-)Introducing the sukumizu

If you don’t know, and you should, the sukumizu is generally known as a navy blue one-piece swimsuit usually worn by characters in school. There are actually two versions though, the older skirted two-piece (that looks like a one-piece together) and the newer and simpler one-piece. It is thought that the older two-piece came about as a result of materials being in short supply as stretch materials would have been costly, but has a complete unique cut the newer doesn’t possess.

Occasionally there are white variations, touted as existing for the same reason that ‘wet white shirts’ do. However, we all know that the navy blue version is by far superior because of the elegant contrast of dark blue against a lady’s skin. Having said that though, the rare pink versions are not to be passed up either. They are amazing for the exact reason a blossoming blush on a lady’s cheeks is most attractive.

The simplicity of the sukumizu makes it classy and not loud, therefore not overpowering the character’s natural beauty. It also emphasises a character’s ‘pure virginity and innocence’, which could be a complete lie or could not. Generally, it holds up the idea of a wholesome appearance.

Although generally thought of to be worn by characters that are either immature or young, or those that are more prudent, the sukumizu is proven flexible and able to be worn by both those classified as washboards as well as the buxom. It makes a wonderous addition to any lady’s wardrobe.

Unknown character with flat chest in sukumizu

Obviously better

There are certain established styles of sukumizu which are often seen in manga and anime, however there are still some important variations which makes the experience of seeing a lady in sukumizu that much more interesting for male counterparts or even just female friends. However these have subtlety without the glaring obnoxiousness we are usually subjected to by those of the bikini-wearing legions with their clouds of ribboned fabric or unnecessarily loud colours.

The gentle variations in the design of the back can accentuate the wearer’s rarely-exposed back and creamy shoulders in different ways. All while still maintaining the all-important features of the front. What important features of the front, you ask?

But of course, it’s elementary. The tight-fitting dark material draws the attention to the wearer’s waist and legs in a way that the bikini doesn’t. It provides coverage for the stomach region for those less confident as well as those who are, maintaining that sense of mystery of what cannot be seen but only imagined. A bikini allows the ocean of skin and/or whatever is below the surface to simply remain exposed to the world without any decor. Or decorum.

An obsession with the chest

A bikini seems to emphasise the lady’s breasts first and foremost which is both crude and distasteful, not to mention a source of much embarrassment for those that are not equally as well endowed.

Some bikinis even seek the minimal amount of coverage with the minimum of material which additionally reflects negatively on the wearer’s financials. It also exposes the skin to the maximum amount of sun exposure. Ouch!

A sukumizu, however, is flexible for all types as mentioned above. It emphasises the lady’s waist and hips in a most enticing manner — much more appealing to the opposite gender than the mere superficial attraction of large breasts. Which are sure to sag anyway.


The absolute swimwear

Worn with thigh-highs, the sukumizu can create the same effect as a mini-skirt and thigh-highs — a new type of zettai ryouiki for the masses. With the appeal of zettai ryouiki being the expectation of seeing something but not being able to, the nature of the sukumizu has the same effect of forbidding anyone to figure out what is beyond. The sukumizu draws the eyes to the legs and the thigh highs in turn pull the eyes back to the sukumizu. This is the reason why gym outfits also work with thigh highs.

This doesn’t work with a bikini.

For those concerned about the practicality of the sukumizu (when you gotta go, you gotta go!), there is always the new sukumizu with a new handy zipper for those “special moments of urgency”. However I happen to agree that just takes out the appeal of a sukumizu (read previous major paragraph).

Oh. And did we mention, the sukumizu provides more coverage from the sun?

Dekomori with tan/sunburn

It's also completely moe

Enough said.


This post is in no way meant to be taken (entirely) seriously and does not (entirely) reflect the views of either of its conceptors. But honestly, there isn’t a whole lot of information in English out there, but maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough.