SWEETNESS marshmallows

It’s interesting to note that while Valentines Day was on a Friday last month, White Day also happened on a Friday this month.

Why do I know this? Because, inexplicably, these two days happened to be the two days I have worked from home in my part-time job since I started in November last year.

What is White Day?

While girls in Japan present males with gifts of chocolate during Valentines Day either of the honmei (love) or giri (friendship) variety, White Day is the ‘flip-side’ to this. If the men receiving honmei chocolate reciprocate, they will present their ‘lucky lady’ with gifts. However this can be awkward sometimes when simple ‘giri choco’ is misinterpreted as ‘honmei choco’.

I decided to do something for White Day today, out of the ordinary if you’re a stickler for tradition, but since Ruben had presented me with chocolates on Valentines Day (and I vice versa), I decided to ‘reciprocate’ although I would not be giving chocolates or making the chocolates myself this time.

In my research around the internet the past few weeks, I came across a little patisserie in Epping called Sweetness, who had some beautiful-looking products on their website. Having something of an obsession with marshmallows and the cubes looking ever so tantalising, I decided to go ahead and purchase some to celebrate the occasion.

SWEETNESS marshmallows

So soft and fluffy marshmallows

Heading down the road from Epping Station, I could tell I was at the right place, but the closed fly-screen door made me wonder if they were still open. Tentatively opening the door and slipping inside, I was greeted with a lovely pastel interior and some cheerful pastry chefs looking in my direction.

It was actually a bit difficult to locate the marshmallows at first, since they were hidden in a corner, but eventually I found them and tried to look through the varieties. I was approached by Gena Karpf, the director, who offered me a piece of marshmallow to try out. I was too shy to tell her how terribly wonderful it tasted, but as she was occupied as another customer came in, I bought what I was looking for and departed, cheered by the mood of the small team inside who so lovingly crafted their creations.

It was only a small touch but the experience and those delectable marshmallows brought a little something to my day. I hope that Ruben enjoys the rest of them, and I shall be back soon to get some more as I had intended to get a ‘toasted coconut’ variety of the marshmallows too — but I had only realised that I had forgotten as I reached the station platform. Whoops!

Today is also Pi Day though, in select places, as the date reads 3.14 in American format. Perhaps a pie would have been a more suitable present for today, but for the sake of precision I think I’ll leave that for July 22. ;)

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