What is productivity?

From Ruben's post on dependencies to getting things done:

You don't need to be a GTD (® David Allen Company 2001) or OmniFocus nerd to appreciate that all projects have dependencies, and identifying those dependencies is the first step to get out of a procrastination spiral.

Unfortunately I'm all too aware of the dependencies, actually getting the motivation to do any of them is a different matter. Getting out of bed is a good first step though, nevermind getting anything else done. Perhaps I should figure out how to get motivated first (though I know the steps I want to take for that, though I can't take them).

Maybe actually reading the book Ruben refers to would help, but seeing as I have no motivation to do that either... Guess I'm just one of those cases. Seems there are as many out there that dislike it that love it.

Maybe I'll give that video a shot.