Week 1 Summarised

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01/03/2010 - 05/03/2010 + (07/08 Activities)

This is only to make a small recount of the first week. The order of my subjects is as follows: - Communications for IT Professionals (Monday) - Introduction to Information Systems (Tuesday) - Programming Fundamentals/Object-Orientated Programming (Wednesday) - Web Systems (Friday)

CITP:: To say the least, this subject doesn't exactly cover something I don't know, but I suppose it's a good idea to try and develop my communications skills further, for all that the subject appears to be like English for Uni. I admit that my oral skills could do with a polish, however. Even so, an upside of day one was being let out early. ^^

IIS:: This... was also just fairly understandable ... stuff. I suppose it's to be expected out of an introductory lecture, however, and the same can be said of (most of) the other lectures. Had to leave half an hour early, however, so I am still wondering if I missed anything. Even if the lecture was not intensely interesting, I am still paranoidly musing over the fact that I may have missed vital information. O_O (I should warn you now, I like to use emoticons in non-formal situations ... like a blog.)

Was actually quite intense. Oh gosh. I feel lucky that I did read the chapter which was taught in class the night before though, so at least I could follow from what I had already read last night. The lecture actually built on it a little, so I'm glad I was able to know a bit about the lecture topic before I came to class. I was in fact wondering if they'd be teaching more that first lesson, so I'd photographed some of the next chapter to read later, instead of bringing the huge book. Still, I didn't end up reading it. Instead I actually headed off and bought a Flash and Photoshop book. =.=; Still handy, just not for Java.

The workshop, however, was GREAT fun, apart from not being able to log in at first, neglecting to activate my IT login. The wireless is not easily accessed from the IT building, I'm afraid. And for some inane reason, the UPN-IT does not work at all either. Supposedly this is the IT Building's (I say this, but in fact the building is for FEIT and Education??) wireless? In any case, 'messing around' (ahem, learning to use) Bluej was enjoyable.

Also somewhat introductory, giving us some overview of OSs. I like the fact that I went to that UNIX Workshop, but I still have a loooong way to go. sighs
Sponsor Visits::
On Tuesday (Lloyds International and Woolworths Limited) and Thursday (PricewaterhouseCoopers - and I'll say this (again) - ethical hacking!). It was a little daunting, to say the least. Sometimes I feel quite young. Though I am not really the youngest by a far stretch (I think?). I feel so unskilled!
Spent quite happily with the Anime@UTS Club, going to the City and enjoying Karaoke, and Eatout, if you could afford it - I'm broke I'm afraid. I'd gotten myself somewhat sick between Thursday and Friday though, and wasn't feeling the best when I got home on Saturday afternoon at about 6pm after Karaoke. I didn't exactly get to recuperate all of Sunday though, since an old family friend/ballet friend/schoolmate/coaching friend (Oh we go very far back) asked us out to Yum Cha. It's quite amusing that they're still happy to muse and discuss HSC details even as we students have forgotten all about it. Once it's past, we no longer want to know about it, it seems. Well, I think this is reasonable, right?