Website redesign in all the senses

Jekyll logo

As an impressionable young thing, when Ruben decided to switch to Github Pages and Jekyll to host his blog, of course I decided to follow suit.

I never got quite as far as hosting Kirinyan on GitHub (Ruben has sinced moved his blog back to his webhost), but I did start hosting my portfolio site and some uni blogs of this likeness off it using Jekyll. Yesterday and in the preceeding week, Ruben has helped me in migrating posts off Wordpress, liquid templating and finally setting the site up yesterday by taking the Wordpress one offline!

Github Logo

For me (and I actually like the logo, it's cute!), Git felt to me like I was actually gaining more control over my stuff, ironically because there was less security (whoops). I host my stuff with Ruben usually, and this blog has not moved from the same VPS it was on, though it has changed from being Wordpress to Jekyll. I think most of us are aware that Ruben is extremely security conscious, however that sometimes makes it hard for me to figure out how to do something because unfortunately I'll be denied access to it. As for my content, nothing here is sacred anyway. :'D

In any case, now that I've shifted over to Jekyll myself, it'll be a load off both him (less maintenance) and a load off the VPS. Unlike Ruben though, it seems the way to go for me is just to host with him. Although I did have hosting earlier this year with Ventra IP, I terminated it once it expired due to both personal financial issues and the fact that it was just too restrictive for my liking (so hard to SSH into) — but likely I could have fixed the latter in some roundabout way.

Well, it was nice to learn Git and Jekyll from this experience but I have no doubt I have a long way to go before I get as proficient as Ruben in either. :'D