We played with Lego today

Lego Acropolis at Usyd

Quoth Ruben as we relaxed in a Starbucks this afternoon with our Toffee Nut Lattes.

On this hot and still day that suddenly turned cool, breezy and drizzly in the later afternoon, Ruben and I visited the Lego Acropolis currently on display in the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney. It was a little difficult to find considering we were badly acquainted with USyd, but with a little map help we managed. I had at first been expecting a different sort of exhibition, but we had great fun all the same.

Within all the ancient relics — bronze amulets, gold and bronze earrings, marble statues and other ancient earthenware — the Lego Acropolis stood behind tall sheets of what could have been perspex. I wasn't quite tall enough to see over the top, but Ruben certainly was (you can tell because he has better photo angles). We were astounded by the attention to detail and intricacy, as well as the little jokes included and blend of old and new.

Best of all though — we got to build our own stuff! There was a table in the corner with several deep pits in it filled with Lego™ blocks! That is something we simply can't pass up. I made myself what could pass as another Raspberry Pi house and Ruben tried to model the Parthenon!

Ruben's Parthenon model and my Flying House (?)

My Flying House (?) from the back

While the Lego Acropolis is a bit of a walk from Central, it's worthwhile for a chance to see the work of a professional Lego™ builder's work (imagine that as a profession!), as well as a chance to release your inner child(?). Besides, it's totally free, unless you feel generous and want to make a donation. :)

Lego Acropolis
When: Now - 15 June
Where: Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney
Link: What's On (City of Sydney)
More photos: my Flickr