After hearing Wayward perform at the Mediaeval Faire at St Ives, I’ve been itching to play their CD, but CD/DVD drives aren’t that common in laptops these days. Thankfully, it seems you can listen to some of their tracks on SoundCloud! The first embedded song is Mayenzeit and I have no idea what that means, because I can’t find the definition of it anywhere.

I can’t decide whether it is this song, or In Taberna (second embedded song) which is the tune which made me want to step into the circle and dance over the weekend, but nonetheless they both sound familiar, and they both sound good.

This really makes me either want to pick up the hurdy gurdy or the shawm - though apparently people that played the shawm turned the colour of their clothes (red) before they turned as white as their undershirts (because they’d fainted, due to how much air it takes to play the instrument). The hurdy gurdy on the other hand requires a great deal of committment and dedication.

A hurdy gurdy can also be anywhere from $600 - $4000+. Oh well…