Washed-out Wednesday - Spin, spin, spin~

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Lazy writer switched the days around because she felt like it, so here's the art post instead of a music one! (Though I could do that too.)

See the power of a simple logo, that is immediately recognisable to many. Some such examples, the NERV from Evangelion, the flamel Edward Elric wears on his back, the akuma curse mark over and through Allen Walker's eye, the Geass Lelouch has in his eye, or perhaps even the Phantomhive crest from Kuroshitsuji. The most recent of these, however, is....

Simple, attractive, effective and immediately reminds you of the series if you know it. Even if you don't, it stays with you. I have to admire the power of something so simple.

(Thanks to @Sebasu_tan who looked up the name of the flamel for me. XD)

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