Waltzing Wednesday - Smile! :D

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So, time for one of these. I suppose Wednesday is a good day since I keep forgetting on Mondays. XD I've been playing this a lot over the last couple of days, so I thought I'd post it here as well. I suppose I should also have put PON PON PON under a 'music post', but I'll leave that alone.

So, the song is: SUPER LOVE by SO-Fi~


I only went in search of this song a few days ago. The young and naive me didn't think that OPs would be longer songs and were just short pieces specifically for the OP or the ED. That actually carried well into year 8 where I ripped the OP and ED off an episode of anime then came across someone saying they'd downloaded the 'full version'.

'Full version?' the younger me thought, hiding my shame. And off I went in search of these 'full versions'. I didn't succeed ultimately, but I did manage to obtain a copy of all the songs off a friend (it's like extracting a tooth).

In any case, this song comes from an old Japanese (obviously) kid's anime, called Kiko-chan SMILE (きこちゃんすまいる). It follows 4-year old Kiko who is in kindergarten, so you can see what kind of audience this is targeted to, although this website seems to prove that there are some deeper themes to Kiko that only adults would understand. I suppose it's also one of those shows you look back on and see new things about.


During the course of the series, you can tell Kiko's somewhat a prodigy, yet sometimes displays some very bizarre behaviour and seems to have a very introverted personality... in some ways. All round, I think Kiko is a very interesting character. You could always read the article above for more. XD

I've only watched it in Cantonese, and although there is Japanese audio, it's only (Traditional) Chinese subbed, and I don't really understand all of it, so there could be things I have missed, but I still think it's a wonderful and addictive series. A shame that I only have a limited number of episodes!