Waltzing Wednesday - Guest post from @LordPatience

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A guest post today from @LordPatience, who offered to write one for me.

Back to scheduled programming once I get some art stuff finished. :) Seems like Mr Patience is a jazz fan like many others I have known.

We have something different for the Mid-week music. Due to the increase of sleepy-ness from our usual entertainer and delighter, I've volunteered to expose you esteemed guests to a little magic.

Tonight's tune comes from way back around when old people weren't, but before you listen to this one, let your shoulders relax and take in a slow, comfortable breath through your nose. Let's fall together into that beautiful, beautiful headspace that is Jazz.


I'm a lot of a Jazz fan. This song in particular is one of my favourites, because it's so painfully relaxing. Every chord has just a little bit of an edge to it until the very last. I think it must be what accupuncture felt like if I believed in getting that hippie crap.

To me, this song embodies the romance it describes. It starts off stumbling and unsure of itself, but is full of depth, colour and unexpected movements. I love that this pianist has ended the song how he has. It feels like a kiss.

Anyways, I guess after all of this wankery you can see why I've chosen this piece. It's nice to take a step back from our usual head-space and slip intoone that's slow and serene.

Have a good one.