[Vocaloid] Cantarella カンタレラ

After a quick search, I can’t believe I’ve never shared this on here. Megurine Luka’s Just be Friends was the first Vocaloid song which I got hooked on to, and opened a dangerous door to the world of Vocaloid. However, it is Cantarella that is one of my most favourite Vocaloid songs. (Romeo and Cindarella is also a favourite.)

Funnily enough with Cantarella, I’m not such a great fan of the versions sung by the Vocaloids themselves, and rather my favourite is an 歌ってみた sung by Dasoku and Kaki Choco (embedded above).

Dasoku and Freedel are two of my favourite 歌い手 of all time, back when I used to go through a lot of Nico Nico Douga looking for such things; downloading the available MP3s after navigating through all the Japanese. Clear, Pico, Sekihan and others are also extremely good singers, but none of them have the timbre of Dasoku or the cheeky charm of Freedel who switches positions as easily as breathing (heh Magnet).

If I could choose a singing voice, I would probably go with Dasoku’s deep, resonating notes - what does that say about me?

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