Vitamin C Gummies

vitamin c vitagummies

Usually when a nutrition supplement or other semi/pseudo medical product boasts that it has a ‘delicious orange taste’ and is ‘gummilicious’, you’re bound to doubt the truth of such a claim. In this case, I can vouch that their claims are quite true - these Vitagummies taste great, are chewy and fun (ahem) and have 65mg Acsorbic Acid (Vitamin C) in them to boot.

Of course unlike many nutrition supplements, these gummies contain sugar rather than using a sugar free alternative, which is probably what really helps them become something special rather than something ordinary.

The only problem I have how is that I’ve been eating way too many of them. The bottle recommends that adults should take 2-3 a day, but I’ve easily had more. From different sources I’ve heard that you can have 2000mg a day, 5g a day or there’s no real limit to how much Vitamin C you have, so I’m not quite sure who to believe.

Given I’m sick at the moment though, anything to help boost my immune system can only be a plus, so I’ll just keep downing them and let my body flush out anything I don’t use. (TMI?) 20 oranges a day will keep this cold away.

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