UTS in People's Choice Award for Landscape Architecture

I haven’t really explored the UTS campus since I finished up my Bachelor’s degree and much of UTS was simply a enormous excavated hole-in-the-ground. But in the years that I’ve been absent it’s clear that UTS has been blossoming. However, the few times I have crossed the Alumni Green to reach the new Building 7 did not provide me with enough insight into the new landscaping.

Well it seems UTS will be receiving some sort of recognition for those years of reconstructing the campus as you can vote for UTS Alumni Green in the Premier’s People’s Choice Awards for Landscape Architecture. Here’s how they’ve described UTS’ space… or how UTS itself describes it, I assume:

The University of Technology, Sydney is a city campus, known for its brutalist architecture. Opportunities for socialising in a landscape setting are limited. The UTS Alumni Green was a unique opportunity to provide an oasis at the heart of the campus, which creates a human and social centrepiece for UTS. The space is a vital piece of green infrastructure in an otherwise highly urbanised part of the CBD. The Alumni Green is a series of landscape experiences: The Green, The Heart and The Garden, which provide a rich campus experience.

By prioritising the design of places for people to work and to socialise, the ‘social infrastructure’, the UTS Alumni Green has become the social heart of the campus: a place where people want to work, stay, be and play, creating a ‘sticky campus’.

The project also includes the roof terrace of the Science and Graduate School of Health Building, designed for faculty staff and overlooking the Alumni Green.

To be honest these sorts of ‘People’s Choice’ awards tend to make me think it’s just a popularity contest - simply get everyone you know to vote, right? But I guess you still can’t force people to vote if they truly dislike a place. While you have UTS’ Alumni Green, on the other hand the other 5 locations in the vote are public spaces. Is there a bit of a conflict of interest here, with the awards to be announced at UTS’ Business School on September 11? Who knows - I’m not going to judge.

I remember the old grass of the old Alumni Green when I first started at UTS and before the excavating started, but this new ultramodern Alumni Green wasn’t completed in time for people like me to really enjoy it. Nonetheless, as an Alumnus, I hope it can still be something that I can be proud of.