UTS Orientation Day

Stocking ready to start setting up for ODay

As is the usual tradition welcoming every year and each new semester at UTS, Orientation Day, or better known to me as Orientation Week Clubs’ Day, whisked in on us. Unlike the past few years though, this year is like my first — I wasn’t an exec. Of course, there are differences though — this year I knew so many more people, and yet so many less. And this year I knew a lot more about the club, and despite not being an official executive, butted in their meetings and associated activities enough times.

Today was no different, kitted out in cosplay as I had since my first official year as an executive (but more skilled in cosplay now), I helped to set up the store and man it briefly before I escaped to the screening room, only briefly returning to the store to help afterwards.

Truth be told, I felt justified in helping less than I did in previous years, given that I was no longer an official executive. I did help by arriving early and beginning setup and manned the stall for a time, chatted to new members and the like, but I no longer felt like I had a duty necessarily to do so — we have a more than capable exec team.

Added into the mix is the fact that I woke up with something of a cold: a sore throat, runny nose, sporadic attacks of sneezing and coughs plagued me the whole day and harangued me as I spoke to new or potential members. Eventually I retired upstairs, searching for tissues. It came and went, a hot cup of mint tea from the Concourse Cafe — soon to be renamed the Tower Cafe — soothed it temporarily. As the rain fell more heavily in the afternoon, I also felt sicker and dear Ruben stepped in to make me feel better and got home safely.

It was somewhat a relief for the day to end, and the club still achieved a spectacular result on only that one day. Last year we may have had the unfortunate position of being placed in the Food Court, but this year with such a prime position we made an amazing comeback.

Although I’m still taking on the responsibilities of my previous position at present, as the official holder of the position has been busy with her duties in other club(s), in a way it’s soothing to do the work that I’m used to after being with the club for several years. There’s also much to be said about anonymity, as it really sets you (or at least me) free. On the other hand, there is no recognition, but these are the kinds of decisions you have to make.

It’s been an interesting start to the year, and it’ll be interesting to see where this new exec team takes us. Vadim will be leaving us around the end of March though, so the real test will be to see how we manage without him, having taken advantage of his hospitality and resourcefulness for so long. Now, will this exec talk big, or do big things?