Bathroom Review: UTS Building 11

UTS Building 11 Bathrooms UTS Building 11 Bathrooms

Pointless architecture in Building 11 aside, one thing which UTS’ brand-spanking-new Building 11 has going for it is some rather lovely toilets. Sure, they’re not exactly gaining marks in the personality department, but they do look slick and with clean, modern lines.

Despite this, regardless of the bathroom which I walk into in Building 10 there’s always a slight flaw, not because of the way it was designed because inevitably someone has strewn toilet paper over the floor of one of the cubicles, or created a minor mess in some other way. Last week I pushed the door of one of the bathrooms to find it completely dark, with all the lights off. Spooked, I ran to find another toilet upstairs.

Nonetheless, they are a far cry from the dingy toilets in Building 1, with grimy doors and other nasties caked on the floor. The only plus is that the entry level toilet in Building 1 has no door, which means no need for that paper towel/tissue paper ‘paddle’. Yeah, we all do it, Dan.

Building? Meh. Toilets? I give them 910.