Using Java instead, and I don't mean JavaScript

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I was reading a blogpost from a fellow classmate the other day and I realised I'd never actually even considered using Java to develop anything for this project. It was good to make me stop and think, and I thank Laura for that. However, now that I've reached this topic, I stop and wonder... why?

I completed two subjects of Java (Programming Fundamentals and Applications Programming) as a part of my Bachelor's degree, so while I wouldn't consider myself anywhere close to an expert on the subject, as with anything I have a fair degree of understanding about it. PHP on the other hand, I'm clueless about so in this instance I have to default to people who (appear) to understand more than I do.


Depending on the scale of things, one would consider using a programming language like Java for several reasons, for example if it was a language they were extremely proficient in, over a language such as PHP. For a small-scale and less ambitious project like mine though, it would be inappropriate. Besides which, I have to say that C and Python are probably nicer languages to use. But I digress.

Barrier of entry

Like I said, despite doing two subjects on Java, I'm no expert. Java is quite complex and thus this quite hard to master. A language such as PHP, however, is apparently easy to understand and interpret and easy to pick up, but that depends on your background, likely. That having been said, the right language should fit the right job, so if PHP is suitable for a more complex system, it shouldn't be overlooked. As with reality, the most expensive product on the shelf may not be the best, and the cheapest item on the shelf may not be the worst either. In this case of a PHP and not Java though, I personally find Drupal the worst CMS I have ever used and that was created in PHP in order to lower barrier of entry. It's open source and all, but has that made it better or worse, I cannot say.

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