Dunked into using Drupal

This is called a Druplicon

Just like Textpattern, I'm entirely new to the platform of Drupal, but this first experience has not been an entirely pleasant one, I have to admit.

I can see that Drupal has a lot of different options, and there's a great deal that can be done differently than using our previous install of WordPress just by comparing two versions of website, one live and one still in production. However, throwing someone in the deep end and expecting them to be able to understand what these 'nodes' they are supposed to work with is rather daunting, and I still don't entirely understand what I'm doing, only that it appears to work. Just as well I have some IT background so I have a fair idea what is going on, compared to someone without that IT knowledge.

It kind of feels like I have more access to the backend now though. Whereas before if I wanted a page linked or unlinked from the navigation bar, I had to send a request to IT in order to get this done, and it was managed by them. However now, I am able to do this myself if I wish, provided I can discover how to navigate the interface well enough as to find the right page.

Drupal options

The only real bone to pick I would have with this interface, apart from the appropriate pages often being hard to find, is that there is a distinct lack of ability to type HTML directly into a post. Instead, everything is through a WYSIWYG web editor. You can get around this in some respects by changing the text format to show 'plain text', but if you don't change it back before you save, everything will just publish as plain text – or at least, in my experience. However, still a good way to be able to check your HTML code.

As also experienced though, this may be simply how it's set up in this particular setup in order to service people with little knowledge of HTML itself. It could be the case that with some simple tweaking from someone with adequate permissions, a HTML editor would easily be available for all users.