Odins Raven Photography: Nature Takes Over

There was a reason I intensely enjoyed the first episode of Sherlock’s season 3. Yes, it was about rail which is very cool in itself, but it was also about an abandoned station — regardless of what it was called. This made it all that much more amazing, and after the show I began to dig a little further into the world of London’s ghost stations.

Ever since I took visual arts and photography in high school, I’ve loved urban decay. Some call this abandonography, some call this urbex, but I remember it as urban decay because that’s what we called it in the many theory lessons we took in those years. Once civilised worlds that are naught but a husk of their former glory.

I can’t explain it, but I get a kick out of the eerie feeling that there should be people there, but there isn’t — at least, not anymore. I get a kick out of that feeling of travelling back in time, to another world, to another dimension. You hardly dare to breathe or speak because it feels like it will break the spell. You wonder how it managed to fall into the state it is in today, or perhaps you know already.

Odins Raven is one particular photographer based in the UK I’ve found of late who does some amazing urbex photography. With a wide-angle lens he manages to pull in the great expanses of space in great abandoned warehouses, rusted, peeling walls, deserted ‘theatres’ and plants beginning to regain what was rightfully theirs as they creep in through the windows and up through crumbling walls. If I had a car (and a licence), I would jump into it now and seek out the first ghost town I come across.

But then, that is the nature of these ghost towns, these towns affected by urban decay as I was taught. Although this eerie feeling is strangely alluring it can also be spooky — enough that you wouldn’t want to be there by yourself. Especially not at night.

Interested in some abandonography? Hit me up and let’s go find the nearest location, long abandoned by their owners so there is no one left to call you out for trespassing. Who knows what stories they may carry.

(Alternatively, I would love to seek out the unused stations at Town Hall and Central someday.)

Image, Nature Takes Over, by Odins Raven. Does not belong to me.