Updating and stuff breaking

It’s a little annoying, each time I make an update to something (like updating from Mavericks - at last! - to El Capitan) something in this collection of technologies to keep everything running smoothly breaks.

This time it was rsync as it complained when I tried to publish this blog:

/usr/local/bin/rsync: No such file or directory

I tried to use the built in rsync in OSX by removing the reference to local, but it didn’t like that either:

--recursive: command not found

Nor did it like ‘-r’, or anything really.

I figured I must have installed a new version of rsync via Homebrew last time given that it was pointing to the particular folder that held the other brews which I’d installed. But a search didn’t produce an easy formula for it.

$ brew search rsync
grsync       librsync     vdirsyncer
homebrew/dupes/rsync            Caskroom/cask/comicbookloversync
Caskroom/cask/arrsync           Caskroom/cask/supersync

So I tried the following as advised:

$ brew tap homebrew/dupes
$ brew install rsync

But failed in a step when trying to access the MacPorts trac.. This has apparently been down for a while now, but I can’t imagine why they would leave it for so long or not at least produced a different source.. I thought the internet was supposed to be good at this (I guess as usual, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…).

curl: (35) Server aborted the SSL handshake
Error: Failed to download resource "rsync--patch"

I looked online which asked me to run a brew update before trying to install from dupes again, but I’m wondering why this is necessary when I only just added dupes. After failing multiple times to pull from Github (internet network problem?) finally I pulled in 40MB through my mobile internet, but this didn’t seem to do a thing. Trying to install again failed as before…

Anyway, reading the next line of instructions on how to install rsync, I don’t seem to need to do it. It seems my default /private/etc/paths already has /usr/local/bin before /usr/bin. Curious.

In the meantime, changing the reference to /usr/local/bin/ to /usr/bin/ instead of removing it entirely works - despite the most up-to-date version being 3.1.1 and the installed version being 2.6.9. Geez.