Update to Running Man in Australia

Announcement image for Running Man to go to Australia

I almost missed an email from a lovely lady a week ago, so I thought I would make a short update on the eve of Running Man’s arrival in Australia. My apologies for such a late reply to your email, and honestly, thank you for taking the time to email me at all!

For anyone that missed it, the actual filming dates I believe to be February 23-26, as the Running Man team are departing from South Korea on the evening of Saturday, February 22.

The team will arrive in Brisbane at 6.30AM local time, and there is additional in-depth information of their Brisbane plans to be found on SBS PopAsiaKorea’s blogpost. The cast will then travel to Melbourne on Monday, February 24.

Finally, the cast will depart Australia on Wednesday, February 26. They will apparently “depart by taking international flight of domestic routes”, which I can take to mean they are simply passing through Sydney Airport and fans will not get a chance to even peek at them. It’s a blow to Sydney fans, but I live in hope. Besides, I guess it means Brisbane and Melbourne fans will get some recognition they wanted.

None of this is officially confirmed by the way, just that which fellow fans have managed to dig out, it seems. Thank you for all your hard work~

Rain and Kim Woo Bin are confirmed as guests on the show, and although I don’t personally know much about them, it will be interesting to watch their antics. Although a third guest was due to appear, he was recently hit with the swine flu which is really a spanner in the works, but I hope he recovers quickly. Will there be another third guest selected, we don’t know either.

Bring on Running Man in Australia!

Image from Korean News site. All rights to respective owners