Upcoming IKEA Purchases

DUKTIG Breakfast Set

Speaking of IKEA and recalling our group IKEA trip a fortnight ago, there's more than one reason to go back to IKEA apart from wanting a new backpack also. Why these adorable plushies of course! (But actually, I've been meaning to purchase a table-top light for the past few trips! — Ain't got not money for that after the drink glasses and the vacuum flask and picture frames I wanted!)

Why do I need a new bag, now? I'll admit I do go through bags considerably quicker than Ruben due to the amount I carry, which usually wears out the straps extremely quickly, but I purchased an InCase backpack in late 2010 and it's served me well thus far, though understandably has started fraying at the edges. Overall though, it's such a large bag I would steal Ruben's current one given half the chance. ;) My requirements are far less than Ruben's bountiful list - I just want a smaller bag!!

Onto the plushies — they're just so fun! If we just threw a DUKTIG Plate/bowl set into the mix, we'd be able to have a fig tea party! :3

Key features

  • Mini dinner plates for play. Made of tough stoneware.
  • Encourages role play which helps children to develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles.