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Towards more important things...
Master of Interactive Multimedia, at UTS
Conversations between Master students
RegEx with Grep
Simple Bash Calculator Script
Piping and Redirection in Unix
Pursuit of Contentment
Bash Scripting Adventures at UTS
UTS Orientation Day
The Matrix - Human and Machine
On Exactitude in Science
Accessibility with Dr Scott Hollier of @mediaaccessaus
Addressing an engineering one-liner
Projects Released to Creative Commons
Response to "UTS Student Experience Survey"
Visiting #Equinix's data centre
Candle Problem modified
This is a movie about your life
stop() a nested movieclip with Actionscript 3.0
On Eating Men...?
Human Brain
Newtown Girls with @nataliekrikowa
The Final Episode of UTS Floods
Adobe Flash: A Study
Swinging Collaboratively
Brainstorming a Multiplatform Story
Day 3 in the UTS problems saga
Strange weather means UTS isn't alone
So much happens over the weekend..
The DoCoMo Vision
[DMSC] Readings: Next decade of the web
Fanfiction as Multiplatform Storytelling
Web Developer Nightmares
The Unwritten Laws of Project Management
I used to know a Harold Stanford
[Design] Asian European Blend
Having a Cuppa
Final Report and Website
The code tag and the pre tag.
Vertical scroll in HTML for no reason
I love techobabble, but I'm not really a fan of terminology
[Photoshop] DGSI Adventures
Non-sticking sticky footers.
[Analysis] Tiger Tiger by Rosalie Gascoigne (1987)
[Photoshop] Zombie-thing
System Plan
Follow-up: University Funding
Macro and Micro Analysis
In the News: Educational Reform
Progressive Enhancement vs Graceful Degradation
University funding cuts #Australia
Interesting errors when running NoScript
Chirrup. Learning Proposal Final and Pretty URLs.
PHP Frameworks
SFTP through the Terminal
Lessons Learnt #1
Effects of Technology on Media - There is no objectivity
HTML5 Commentary
[DMT] Week 4 Practical (PHP)
[DMT] The Discontinuing of Google Reader
Drawing Meaning from... something.
Using Java instead, and I don't mean JavaScript
[DMT] Ruby and Javascript Hijinks
[DMT] Shared Server Hosting: The Unintended Part 2
[DMT] Shared Server Hosting Comparison
[Draft] Learning Proposal
[DMT] E-tivity-ness - About Me
Hello World!
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So long...
Homework via Blog
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Kill two birds with one stone
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