University funding cuts #Australia

UTS image from my Instagram

I heard today that uni funding has been cut again, you can read the full details on more authoritative sources such as the ABC's website, but the gist is that the 10% discount on upfront payments of HECs will be scrapped, voluntary paying back of HECs loans will lose the 5% bonus and Student Start Up Scholarships must be repaid once the student starts working.

This will apparently help the national school improvement plan, yet this seems kind of against what they're trying to achieve. Last year they already made cuts which saw us pay 10% more than what we were paying for each subject without, plus an additional school amenities fee on top of that. What a way to tell students that their education means a lot to the government, huh?

Although the government may consider these unimportant in the scale of things, I have to agree with the Greens and I quote from the SMH:

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said cutting one area of education to fund another was wrong.

"If you undermine education outcomes you undermine the future," she said in a statement.

UTS image from my neglected Instagram.