This is a follow-up post to: Can someone bring UNIQLO to Sydney?

It seems it might not be quite such a pipe dream for a UNIQLO to open up shop in Sydney after all. With their first Australian shop to open up in Melbourne early this year (2014), Sydney is next with a UNIQLO set to open in Mid-City Centre, 420 Pitt Street.

With their plans to open multiple store by 2015, I should imagine that their delivery should be sooner rather than later, but it wouldn’t be the first time that schedules slide. Not what I would expect from the Japanese in general but these are, I assume, Australian contractors.

UNIQLO is joined by giants such as H&M and apparently Marks & Spencer from the UK. Keenly aware that what was once Pitt Street Mall is no longer a comfortably priced place for someone like me I have my reservations about this ‘high-fashion’ business. Regardless I shall regale the opening of a UNIQLO in Sydney with much enthusiasm.

Again, I wonder what the prices will translate to in Australia. Even buying a pair of pants in Hong Kong translated to around 300HKD, which is equivalent to around $35AUD. As someone who spends $10AUD on her own jeans, maybe in the forseeable future, Kmart is still the most cost effective way to dress.

Source: Pedestrian, The Guardian.