UNIQLO Macquarie Centre (and more)

Cardfight Vanguard cards

Remember the days of wishing you could walk into a UNIQLO in Sydney and find an amazing shirt or hoodie you know you’ll absolutely love, but being unable to?

Well wish no more — those days are long past now as not only one, but two UNIQLOs have opened up in Sydney; one in Pitt Street Mall, and another one in Macquarie Centre which Ruben, Seb and I were able to visit today amidst what looked like a shiny brand new wing of their old circular shopping centre.

The three of us first met up early this afternoon in Hornsby, where a short visit to the local Apple Store and a quick coffee break later; we had decided to make our way to the newly opened UNIQLO at Macquarie Centre, rather than head directly to Chatswood as we had originally intended. Who could pass up an opportunity for more cargo pants?

Half an hour later, we were riding an elevator upstairs at Macquarie University station and walking over to Macquarie Centre, the new UNIQLO, H&M, ZARA and GAP signs shouting out at us as we passed (get it?). From these we gleaned that the new UNIQLO was located on Level 3 and having gained an understanding we were on Upper Level 3, we made our way down a ramp until we reached Level 3 itself.

It was an uncertain walk, as the face (and insides) of Macquarie Centre had changed so much. We first passed by the bright storefronts of a H&M and ZARA before we saw the shining face and scrolling red bar that kicked my heartbeat up a notch. Not just a small, cramped pop-up store; but a real, fully-fledged and fully furnished and stocked UNIQLO right in front of me.

Entrance to UNIQLO Macquarie Centre

Well, as fully stocked as a UNIQLO flocking with people can be anyway. The store teemed with people browsing the racks, a line of people with armfuls of clothing swarmed from the fitting rooms, and the queue to the checkout twisted around the store. To the credit of the store staff, the line moved fairly quickly.

As we arrived fairly late, all too soon we were being ushered to line up to pay having only collected a few items from the racks. Fortunately, not too little time to rediscover the magic of UNIQLO hoodies — new and improved! The soft, comfortable garments captured all three of our attentions as we tried them on over our clothes to work out the correct sizes and collected them to head to the checkouts.

No question we would be back to that store soon, or visit the store in the city to see what else they were stocking. In particular, I’m very interested in their shirt covered with the UNIQLO logos in English and Japanese as you can see in the header image!

After that little adventure; famished, the three of us headed back to the station to reach our final destination. There at Chatswood we headed back to a delicious meal at Marukame Udon, all partaking of the cheese sausage tempura. Then we continued on to Good Games at Chatswood.

At early evening, Good Games was filled with people, playing cards and enjoying other equally nerdy activities in the comfort of being with other nerds/geeks/term-of-choice. After much fascinated looking through their cabinets, we each ended up with some goodies; Ruben bought a pack of Star Trek cards that the store was unsure how to price, Seb bought a packet of Magic cards from their 2015 set, and I bought a handful of Cardfight Vanguard singles and a packet of Cardfight Vanguard (see top image).

San Churro at Westfield Chatswood

From there we headed off to briefly explore a nearby Korean supermarket, before finally stopping at San Churro for some hot chocolate and to open up our goodies and see what we had scored. Finally, we decided to call it a night and headed back to the station; full of delicious food and content from the day’s purchases and wanderings.

I can’t wait to get back to UNIQLO to see what other goodies I can pick up as there was simply too much to take in within the half an hour we had available, nonetheless it was an amazing day in amazing company. A chance to relax and simply hang out with friends as we haven’t been able to for a while now. Thanks for a great day, guys! :)