Uninstall AVG

AVG, the Czech antivirus company, has announced a new privacy policy in which it boldly and openly admits it will collect user details and sell them to online advertisers for the purpose of continuing to fund its freemium-based products.

Well, that’s great - more information here. They say that they won’t be selling any actual personal information, but if people can be up in arms about Google and Facebook’s tracking and using of their data to target advertising; this should be no less of a controversial thing.

As part of an adserving company, I guess you could see me as part of the problem, but a simple cookie blocker and we no longer have the ability to send you targeted ads, unlike taking and relying on data by people like.. well, AVG I suppose. I sure like to think we’re more ethical than a giant like Google anyway, though in the end it’s our clients that are calling the shots, we only provide the underlying technology to keep it ticking over. An interesting if not slightly old article on companies tracking you, though I don’t see Flashtalking mentioned on it!

I moved over to a Mac to attempt to never deal with anti-virus software ever again and so far I’ve succeeded these past few years, though that’s not to say I shouldn’t do a Sophos scan every now and then, or that the system will be invulnerable forever.

But at least you know what not to use now. Has free antivirus software got any better in recent years since I stopped using Windows?

(I also came into work to this news this morning, so mwahahaha you’re not safe anywhere anymore. Well I’m sure someone will think of a solution to that.)