Tying knots all day

Gay symbols near Westerkerk in Amsterdam
Image by Wolfgang Sauber from Wikipedia.

Wedding bells are ringing in the ACT today! Are there bells in the ACT? Either way, today was a momentous occasion for Australia, with the first same sex marriages happening and legalised as same sex couples flock to Canberra.

The final test is whether these marriages will remain legal though, as it is possible in ACT under their Marriage Equality (Same Sex) Marriage Act 2013, but it is being challenged by the federal government in the High Court. Don't disappoint us, Australia.

Love is love, and these people have as much right as anyone else to recognition. Australia needs to stop being such a backward country in many areas — even Canada who we are alike in so many ways has same-sex marriage legalised! Here's hoping those that call Australia home won't have to keep leaving it in order to achieve what they can't in Australia. (As for marriage being an outdated concept, that's for another post.)

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


Well, it lasted not even a week. As much as it's disappointing, we can't say we didn't see it coming. I'm glad these people had the chance to celebrate their love at least. What matters is that they believe they should be together. :) I'm glad that the peoples of Canberra had it in them to be so open to these couples.