Twilight the Movie

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With the Twilight Movie released in America and in the process of being released in other countries around the world, one has to wonder if it's only because of the book that it gets an audience of that size.

Who am I kidding? Of course it is.

With the Twilight Empire probably growing and all the Twilight Fans (I refuse to call or to be called a Twi-hard. Really, I feel like strangling someone when I hear it) ecstatic over the film, it really isn't a wonder it managed to make so much money on the first day.

But is the movie actually any good? Of course it's a matter of opinion, after all, I might absolutely hate it and you absolutely love it, but as a movie adaption one can hope that it at least follows more of the storyline of the books than what happened with Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

I can't personally say what happened with Lord of the Rings, since I only ever read the Hobbit and found the writing in my copies of the books way too small to read, but I can say that Harry Potter certainly was ruined by the book to screen adaptions, I'm shocked I even bothered to watch it with the way the last few have just made me want to fling the DVD case across the room, but what can you say? You want to have a look and how they adapted it, and so it also follows that my curiosity is peaked at what the Twilight Movie will look like.

But taking out the large fanbase covering the book, who would decide to just go and watch the movie? I'm betting people would at least go and buy the book first, actually, but who knows? Without the fanbase, the book wouldnt have been adapted anyway, after all. (Musing now... Really though, it's only fans that go and watch it isnt it, or those pressed by media and peers, given the news that it is good or some such. With Lord of the Rings, I havent read it, but I would watch it. Can I say the same for Twilight the Movie?)

I was in the shopping centre/mall today when me and my father sat down to eat and I noticed the woman sitting not too far from us had just bought Twilight (with the movie cover, I have to add, go the original cover!), and was reading it. She looked about mid 20s maybe so it was interesting to see what kind of people read these kinds of books.

With that I return to a previous entry/post of mine about the reading age. Enter the Rollercoaster Chat section (you may or may not know what I mean, I'm not going to be saying), and go towards the Book Chat or General Chat and you will see numerous topics on Twilight. Having said that, the forum is for children from about 11-14 years old, so you have to wonder about the ages of people reading these books. Is it suitable for a 11 year old kid to be quoting 'Why am I covered in feathers?' 'I bit a pillow or two.'? Sure they're not fragile, maybe they shouldnt be shielded from the realities of life, but still the questions stands on whether this book is realy suitable for that kind of audience.

And so there you go. The Twilight Movie comes out in certain countries on the 11th of December. It's probably better to preorder your tickets now if you want to watch it on the release date or all the seats might be taken.