[Anime] #TV_Free Episode 2

Is that you, Haruka?

After the hair-raising tension we left off with the previous week as two half-naked boys stood next to an artificial body of water, Free! returned this week right where it left off - as we expected it to anyway. What? This is a free publication, you know. And a free service, to boot. Not that he's wearing any boots, but we wouldn't be able to tell anyway. Enough of that.

Well, Ruben and I managed to watch the episode for this week earlier than we had the previous week, I wonder how long we can keep this up once uni starts up again? Time will tell. ;) The coherency takes the longest.

Wet, again.

We were eventually left in lovely suspense though and treated to Haruka enjoying yet another submergence in a smaller artificial body of water - we seem to be following a common pattern! This guy should stop being a human and start being a fish.

I have to wonder, does his skin ever get wrinkled or does all that soaking in water just make him look more youthful? I only have to sit in water for twenty minutes to look like a prune, so surely...

That is so OOC.

Hmm... Apparently not.

Anime logic, gotta love it. In any case, Haruka in many ways reminds me of another Oreki Houtarou, except one who can get enthused by swimming and anything to do with swimming. It's clear he's not really interested in anything else, but at times he shows he has a softer and deeper side to him. Sometimes. Occasionally. Now and then.

Swimming shounen

Sometimes it's easy to get pulled into the fast-paced world of competitive swimming, but I suddenly realised halfway through the episode that everything that's happening suddenly makes a whole lot more sense when you consider what Haruka says from the start of the series; from the first few minutes of the first episode. Swimming to him was always just about the enjoyment of being in the water. Sometimes it pays to pay attention, I guess - hey, did I just use the same word twice? Well, this show is free, not paid. (I'll stop.)

KyoAni has a sense of humour as usual, in this episode... and probably through to the end of the series. The fangirls get their own representative in the lovely Gou who... let's say she has an appreciation for beauty. Yeah, that will do. </understatement> They know what you're thinking and feeling.


Part 1 of your less-than-usual, but required dose of moe from KyoAni.

Speaking of the fangirls though, did I mention the fanservice?


Okay, okay, I won't mention it again.

So let's move on to the significant thing that happens this episode - pretty sure you knew this was coming eventually anyway. What better to do when you're young and energetic than to join one of those wonderful school clubs? KyoAni is full of those, after all!

As my good friend, Seb, tweeted:

“I see! This is the club here all they do is have tea and snacks!” You’re confusing it with the Light Music Club… XD

HUH?! But but............

Houkago Tea Time

I-if you say so. Actually that tweet was probably about Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu. But I digress.

I was puzzled a few nights ago as to why the official Free! website was http://iwatobi-sc.com, but duh - if I were paying attention I might have noticed it.

Iwatobi Swim Club

Iwatobi Swimming Club, which is what they want to recreate! Kinda. With some seriousness and some scheming, they can put their minds (and bodies) to the task at hand and create a wonderful swimming club!

In all seriousnessSinister

This is probably the most useless review you'll read for a while (until next week, in other words), but hey, if you're a Japanese reader, hop on over to the Free! official website. I know most folks like to screencap and make their own icons, but they do things a little differently in Japan. In any case, KyoAni are now offering you sets of Twitter icons for your use, and best of all they already have the attributed credits attached. ;D

So I ignored the more serious undercurrent of the rivalry between Mr Red and Mr Blue in this episode, but I'm sure we'll all learn more next episode anyway.

See you next time