Turning back the clock

This is probably the nth attempt to get back into posting things on a regularly basis, ever since I met Ruben, my SO and who also is the beloved host of my sites. :)

A little history, if you please.

If I can recall correctly, my first brush with blogging was on MSN's Spaces... It wasn't MySpace, which you couldn't make me join under any circumstance, but it was your own little corner of the internet all the same. I have no idea what happened to the posts or pictures there, but being not all too proud of anything I posted there anyway and none of it being particularly meaningful, I think it's for the better I'll never see it again. (It's strange to think that all this ranting about my parents has almost lasted 10 years.) The only attempt I can remember after this would be the various journal features on Powerpets and GaiaOnline, which, if anything, was interesting to flip through for the memories (and horrendous writing style), but none of the posts in either attempt were particularly inspired.

I just didn't really get blogging back then.

I'm not really someone who likes to document their life, I'd rather write a fictional life four times over (you may cringe at the number) than write about my own most of the time, but I'm trying to be more open about myself now, you could say. Seeing as I even registered a domain in my own name recently. Previously I didn't use my real name in any corner of the internet, and created a dozen pseudonyms.

My next attempt at blogging that I can remember was an opinion blog on Blogger, suitably named 'Opinionated'. Although most of the time if you ask me for my opinion, I'll never side with anyone and ultimately sit on the fence, but once or twice there are things I read and want to talk about to share my opinion, for better or for worse. I think the ultimate inspiration for that blog was, while I am ashamed to admit, my past with the Twilight series, which I ultimately became a 'critic' of, despite being a 'fan' (I desperately hate the term Twi-Hards) at one point in my life – I guess we all have those things we've done that we are ashamed about.

After a few years and seeing and watching various things, honestly I have no problems with who people want to fall in love with, but it still astounds me how people can fall 'in love' with a figment of their imagination. But no more on that.

That attempt that was ultimately cut short by HSC-related activities, but I started a new Livejournal in 2010 because of my (at the time) new university friend, Julie. My previous one, or one reason or another, I never really used – kind of like my Twitter accounts until early 2011. Livejournal was a good community for me then. There was a multitude of resources I wanted, people I liked talking to, and I spammed Livejournal posts up to five times a day on a plethora of things, probably none of them particularly significant. I remember one of the ones in the beginning relating back to our Programming Fundamentals assignment, which was at the time, "inspired" by Pac-Man™. It kept me sane during my first internship, but I slowly turned towards Formspring and Tumblr, and eventually Twitter, and my Livejournal started to get abandoned.

Since meeting Ruben though, I wanted to get back into blogging again because I really admired his blog and was impressed both by the content of the posts, the writing style, the layout of the blog and the number of posts he had that dated back so many years. I started oshibanashiori, but because I was never satisfied with the layout of the blog or the url, it never ended up going anywhere. I registered a domain so I could build my own blog, but then I didn't have the webhosting on which to put it, and eventually it was just hooked up to my Tumblr.

After that there were numerous attempts that failed at the first post, with a new Livejournal, a scriptogr.am which turned me off their service by deleting my blogpost (lesson learnt) and so on, but if anything, I want to create something more meaningful this time, that is a little fun, but can maybe in time be somewhere for people to refer to and can be something that I refer to too – like how Ruben can simply go back and link a post that he wrote in the past and perhaps focused how things have changed a year on. I also hope maybe sometime I'll get the courage to go back and start archiving posts that I made in the past so I can look back at how I've progressively changed and hopefully learnt something new.