Tunes for Tuesday: We Can't Stop (the music)

While I don't think much of Miley Cyrus' 'We can't stop', I must say I've really been jiving (heh) to these wonderful covers by Bastille and The Tee-Tones over the past week, and I think I'll get them once I get a chance to put more funds into my iTunes.

I hadn't even listened to the original song by Miley before I came across these covers on Buzzfeed (I don't remember how I ended up there, I assure you). I'm not that interested in the others, but the aforementioned two caught my attention immediately.

The Bastille's cover (top of post) is my favourite, but the vintage 1950s doo-wop version by The Tee-Tones (below) is completely classy and no-nonsense and soulful unlike the original and definitely worth a listen to! Miley certainly doesn't exactly set the standards high at the moment, but these covers have achieved what the original missed the mark on.