Tubby Toast

Unbeknownst to us how we reached that topic, discussion today somehow meandered to the topic of the Teletubbies, and disturbing the baby-faced sun was. Literally baby-faced, by the way.

I didn’t watch cartoons that often in my youth, but when I was younger, my parents would always deliver my brother and I to my grandparents’ house in the morning, for my grandparents to look after us during the day while they were were at work. While my grandmother made her legendary rice sandwiches, my brother would get his bottle of milk, and I would sit with him in front of the television to whatever cartoons were on the ABC.

Sometimes that ended up being the Teletubbies if we were early enough, either to simply catch the end of the show, or sometimes the entirety of a show. Although I don’t recall much about them in general, there was one thing which left a lasting impression on me, which was interestingly …. Tubby toast. Particularly in the episode where the four Teletubbies’ hardworking vacuum cleaner had to slurp up a mountain of the stuff, though I forget for what reason.

Perhaps it was the smiles on them, but for a long time I associated them with the bottom bun on McDonalds’ cheeseburgers. I would disassemble the burger and eat most of the components, then draw a face on the lower bun and eat it as if it were ‘Tubby toast’.

I’ve always been curious what they would have tasted like though. Wonder if anyone has been able to make some that is more than just actual toast yet? (They look more like pancakes.)