That New Logo.. and the old ones

Guess it’s about time I should explain the new logo on this site, let alone the sudden theme change to dark colours and without a single hint of red that went completely unexplained. For what it’s worth, I only realised that the turquoise-like colour I had selected was a bit like Georgie’s site after I had finished it, but the initial inspiration came from this site.

Before we continue: sorry the images in this post are small. Unless files are on-hand, the iPhone icons I created have been used. Apologies.

Three simple words letters...

original kirinyan logo

Now that that’s aside, if you’ve been around here a while, you may have noticed I’ve had a lot of different logos in just the past couple of years. At first it was three simple letters, a shorthand for ‘kirinyan’ I spelt as ‘kny’. I still use this shorthand in all of my files and folders, but not really anywhere public anymore. I used dark red a lot then and also used photos in the banner depending on the season, but the themes overall looked too dark and no matter how I tried I couldn’t get the theme to feel right to me.

Although when I first made it I quite liked this icon, afterwards it always felt a bit like a placeholder. So many ‘brands’ out there, of which Ruben is one, use a identifying graphic - something that is simple but speaks about them. Ruben’s seven pointed star contained in a circle has meaning to him, but even if it’s hidden to us it is an identifying feature. Georgie is another who now can be easily identifiable from her triangle.

Fuwa fuwa timu

second kirinyan logo - cloud

Thus I decided to move to a graphic, and spurred on by a love of the simple vector cloud, I created one with a face and ran with it. Nonetheless it still always continued to feel wrong to me, as it really doesn’t say anything about me in particular and doesn’t hold much meaning.

second kirinyan logo - cloud

Mainly what I was interested in at this time was the play of shapes and fonts and that’s what resulted in my work as I used various versions of this cloud when creating generic ‘templates’ and in learning more about vectors - though I never went as far as creating SVGs. More’s the pity. A job done was a job done though, and I ran with this logo for a long while as my theme shifted back and forth and the background of the cloud would appear and disappear on whim.

不明白 - Onwards to the present

Finally this month I switched tactics and decided to focus on type and meaning. The reason for typ(ography) in particular was due to the fact that while looking at popular brands out there, I noticed that a lot of them in fact were simply the name of the brand written in a particularly stylish and recognisable font - Coca-Cola and ESPN to name a couple of international ones. Why couldn’t I use type after all? The rest of the idea then stemmed from two sources - stamp/chop impressions as well as Chinese/Japanese type in various media.

I’ve been looking at Japanese stamp impressions for a while as I surf the internet and see various people’s signatures and ‘stamps’ left on their fanarts and other artworks. I’ve always wanted a chop of my own since I accidentally found one lying on the ground in primary school. Thankfully, I obtained one of my own when I went with Ruben and my father to Singapore in December/January. The only problem is I don’t really like my name.

third kirinyan logo - tse mak lee

Finally I had a brainstorm - instead of simply my name written in Chinese characters (which is not something I want to share anyway), what I came up with was something intergenerational. I took my last name, then I also took the last maiden names of my mother and my maternal grandmother, since I don’t know the maiden last name of my paternal grandmother. I left my last name as the largest character, but reordered the other two to look better.

Thus my new logo reads from top to bottom, left to right - TSE, MAK, LEE. Some of the ‘lost’ last names in the family, as us children continue to take on our father’s last names. It’s normal for a wife to keep her maiden last name (and still be addressed as Tse太), but her children still take on their father’s last name - as usual. I expect the same for me one day - perhaps - but time will tell (let’s not be hasty).

Is permanence possible?

third kirinyan logo - tse mak lee

At this point I’m not sure whether what I wanted to convey comes out (even if I’m the only one who can understand it), but I quite like the meaning behind it even if I’m not 100% sure about the execution yet. Unlike Ruben and Georgie’s logo however, mine suffers from one important thing and that is recognition - there is no recognition factor with this logo as no one will understand it except the Chinese-reading-masses, who in fact don’t read this blog. It is also not easy to minimise it into an icon. In the end I just zoomed right up into part of the first character.

In the end, I’m always thinking of new logos to make up for myself. I can imagine my logo being fluid well into the future and no doubt I will continue to change until I’ve finally come up with something I feel truly indicates the kind of person that I am and exemplifies what I can do. Until then, I’ll keep experimenting.

It’s been interesting to see what kind of thought processes I’ve been going through so far, so we’ll see what comes out of it next.

(One day you may even see Nyan(cat) make a return! He is one of the many pages lost/broken in the move and one of the many mascots and things I’ve neglected to update as this site evolves.)