Trip back in time

I don’t specifically like this song or 5 Seconds of Summer, but this song played a lot during my early days at ITC Learning back in the good times when I was working on a project for NSW Police and found it actually very interesting and almost fun. While I actually found it annoying that it played so often on the radio, not to mention the ‘hey hey’ parts kind of grated if you heard it enough times, it was admittedly one of the better songs to go on repeat.

Nonetheless, whenever I hear it now, I think back to those nice early days when I was just having fun working on a project with Tom and feeling like I was owning the project to a certain degree. It was a challenge and I could focus on the development work and making everything look good rather than being interrupted by support calls.

Listening to it takes me back to a good time, even if I don’t particularly like or dislike 5sos.