Trekkie Doctor

Doctor Who Trekkie

This has to be my new favourite image from Doctor Who. I didn't know much about Star Trek at the time when I was watching Fear Her from near the end of series 2, but I was at least familiar with 'Live long and prosper' though I had no ideas of the origin or what meaning it really had.

Now that I know a little more about Star Trek though, I have the urge to go back and see the scene properly, as well as the Doctor's comments of learning the Vulcan mind meld, though apparently the question of how he learnt it is a recurring one. It's interesting when these series cross-over (in a manner of speaking) like this, but it seems difficult to separate the 'fiction' and the 'reality'.

It's still a shame that Tennant didn't run with the Olympic Torch for the London Olymics — at least to my knowledge. That would have truly been a great moment in time, I think.

In catching up with Doctor Who lately, I have to admit the darkness of the series has made me consider Star Trek with much more respect and admiration of the way they look at the future. Although the Reboot could be said to be similarly dark, the Star Trek of the past seemed so glorious — from what I hear anyway. I need to watch more, definitely.

All the same, it's no battle between Star Trek and Doctor Who. I hope to watch more of Star Trek in the future, and maybe even watch some of the older Doctor Who one day. Learning more about Willian Hartnell has really made me want to get to know more about these old Doctors. :)

Image from More Than Just Magic.