Travel Advice from Hong Kong to 'Nam

Comic Strip from SCMP Article

Travel advice was upgraded from amber to red today, as more Vietnamese people set fire and raided any factories with Chinese characters in their name, and have attacked and/or killed several Chinese people. Protesting is all very well, but indescriminite violence? Most of the attacked factories are not ‘Chinese’, but Taiwanese or South Korean - though I’m not sure why Taiwanese are not exactly ‘Chinese’. Oops.

"Factories with Chinese writing or names are targets of destruction," a Hong Kong garment manufacturer in Ho Chi Minh who did not want to be named said.

These riots the result of the recent placement of an oil rig around the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. Who owns them? Either side has the own opinion.

Chinese at the moment have been escaping into nearby Cambodia, feeling very much like refugees as they flee on planes or by other means. Of course there are also protests and rallies in places like Taiwan outside Vietnamese offices.

I guess this serves somewhat as a reminder that those living away from their cultural homes have good reason to listen to and read the news of their home countries though. If they are indiscriminately attacking, if I so much as looked Chinese and visited Vietnam at this time of the year, I could be walking into deep water. So to speak.

What if I looked Korean or Japanese though? Or say my friend who is Vietnamese and Chinese? Mob mentality is really a dangerous animal if it gets out of hand.

More info: SCMP. Top comic strip from linked article, not mine.