Transition Effects on Transition Lenses

If you're looking to buy transition lenses... I've been wearing transition lenses probably for the past 5 or maybe even 6 years now. I'm a fan of them, personally, but it's true that sometimes they don't transition when you want them to (in certain conditions like in the car, perhaps, with tinted windows), or take too long to transition back when you step inside. Personally I've never really noticed these issues though - likely because it's in their nature to change slowly enough to barely notice that the world has dimmed so that it doesn't hurt your eyes any longer.

I will say that in the past often my eyes would tear up and feel like pins were pricking them whenever I had to set off early in the morning for whatever activities we had that day because the sun was too bright, especially when reflecting off vehicles. This doesn't really bother me anymore, but then again my lifestyle has changed also.

From time to time though, strange things like the above happens, where the transitioning is strange so that there remains a border that is untransitioned and the tinting is not smooth. When this happened to me the first time I thought I'd broken my glasses, but it changed back easily enough. Now I think it's just when UV hits at certain angle that this happens.

All I can say is that... this certainly wasn't in the manual...!