Tranformations to Services and Cloud focuses

Inside a computer and a bold statement on multinational corporations

Since twitter is the only way I ever keep up with the world anymore, I spotted this article as I was skimming through my timeline yesterday. A particular line caught my eye, though I won't comment on privatisations since I'm not qualified to.

His goal: shift the company’s focus from PC sales to a more enterprise-focused company...

Having worked in both IBM and HP, I've seen many companies have moved or are moving from being companies producing hardware, to companies which which are increasingly enterprise services and cloud focused, it just depends how far along they are in their transformations. IBM who started this shift many years back are one of these companies who have done it successfully, transforming their services catalogue and company ahead of the game. HP, however, is attempting this change in order to keep up with the market and I attempted to assist them in pulling ahead in the market in my short stint with them, but anyone who has read recent news can see that HP isn't doing very well in many ways.

Regardless, this transformation has become a shame as the numbers of PC sales companies slowly shrinks down, and yet it's also a step in the right direction in terms of where most of businesses and the tech-verse are heading. As ignorant as I am, there seems to be less of this competitive edge where PC production is concerned, the quality of more recent products can be rather questionable. Chinese companies are stepping in where major ones have disappeared but often it's hard to tell who to trust.

Despite it's understandable that companies would transform themselves to keep up with projected demands, and to gain an advantage for their company in order to keep up their profits I'm still not sure the losses are worth it (which I'm sure someone else could document much better than I).

Image above taken from Wikimedia Commons, by Maskinvare on Flickr.