[#Review] Tomorrowland


On a whim today, Ruben and I decided to go and see Tomorrowland, since his idol (?) Frank Nora has been talking about it on his show.. well I’m sure there’s been enough promotion without me promoting it. (I call this spite, but it won’t work on anyone but me.)

Anyway, I walked into this movie knowing nothing of what it was supposed to be about, only that it was a science-fiction movie. Like many science-fiction movies of these times though, there was very little science to be beheld. A lot of computers, circuitry and philosophy; but not a lot of science.

This is fine in most cases.

But back to the start. The movie starts out in an interesting and disjointed manner - clearly someone is recounting a story to us and it allows the story to take different focuses. We start off in 1964 at the New York World’s Fair and proceed to meet some of the characters that would become a big part of the proceeding events.

But first we cut over to Casey Newton who is our main character for the remainder of the story. A clever college student (you Americans), few summaries out there mention her ability to question her lecturer’s approach to viewing the world’s problems. I expected this to come up more drastically later in the story, but was disappointed.

Regardless, Casey discovers an item that begins to draw her to Tomorrowland, and what begins is a hectic and scattered chase across the country away from ‘robots’ and with the help of a ‘robot’. Although there are a lot of clever escapes and nail-biting moments, it’s at this point that the movie starts to get a little strange as the characters pop up in Paris for their only opportunity to make it to Tomorrowland.

The rest of the story cruises but is downhill from here as far as I’m concerned. The paradise is not what it was the solution to the problem that dogged both worlds for 25 years seems way too simple, even if her insight about what was causing the issue was interesting and curious. The rest plays out like some kind of action movie, explosions, deaths (good and ‘evil’) and all.

All in all, Tomorrowland was a fairly good movie and certainly I enjoyed the experience, but it felt to me like something was lacking in the later half of the movie and that it was rushed to its conclusion. It was heartwarming to see people welcoTomorrowlandorrowland again, and the reunions that ensued, but the ending didn’t suspend my disbelief or convince me that it meshed with the rest of the story.

It was probably as bad as how I end one of my blogposts.

One aspect of Tomorrowland I probably enjoyed a bit too much though, was looking staring at Raffey Cassidy who plays Athena. Not only is she pretty with very handsome eyes, she carries herself very well and moves very fluidly throughout the whole piece - her performance is probably the one I’m most impressed with, and she herself has shown she’s articulate and intelligent (probably more than I am here).

Not only that, but like many others I would kill for that blue dress.