TokyoPop Returns

After vanishing suddenly a few years ago, TokyoPop returns this year, but it’s unlikely we would see the series it once held given these copyrights reverted back to the Japanese publishers at that time. No, TokyoPop seems to be brewing up something different this time around.

(Interestingly enough, this situation would have technically also put these mangas back into the unlicensed domain, and thus likely scanlations would have continued to pop up for these series.)

Regardless of how TokyoPop brought about a revolution of manga and created people like me who entered the otaku society (for better or for worse) through their works (although VIZ and Changyi Publishing have a part to play in that as well), TokyoPop has screwed a lot of people over in the past as well. This includes money creators will never see and intellectual property they will never get back.

Although they may have brought great good to some, they have also brought great evil… is one way to interpret it. Their sad treatment of comic artists is only potentially the tip of the iceberg of their problems. Some interesting facts about contracts and the terms of it in the link above, especially if you’re working with a publisher.

While TokyoPop did a world of good for bringing more of Japan and Japanese things to the world at large (despite being a largely American operation), they’ve burned a lot of bridges and while I was sorry to see them go and even sorrier about the series I now can’t complete, knowing the truth of the situation it feels entirely different.