'Tis the season for lights

Christmas lights on a bush

I'd never really noticed how much I like Christmas lights. I've written about lights before, so it isn't really that much of a stretch, but being unable to seek out these illuminated delights on a large scale, this is a great small scale way to enjoy them — often at no cost!

I'd never really put up a Christmas tree with all the trimmings, but the twinkling lights really brings the tree alive in ways that a fibre optics tree just doesn't achieve. The fibre optics trees are almost too smooth, and doesn't have the same flashing effect I love. I'd always admired the way our neighbours diligently, year by year, put up Christmas lights around their house, flashing with different colours, however my parents seemed to think it was something of a waste of time.

'They talk about environmental issues, what a waste of power!' my mother says. But LEDs are extremely efficient bulbs, so I don't see too much of a problem. 'Tis the season!

Christmas lights on a tree at Myer, Pitt Street Mall

Overdone, the effect can be gaudy and obnoxious, as are some of the houses laden with Christmas light decor that are featured on TV yearly. The house blazes with light and could even be a disturbance to people trying to sleep — though it would mean there's no fear of tripping over anything in the dark! Just the right amount, however, brings the cheer to the neighbourhood and gives you something interesting and pretty to enjoy on the walk home from whatever you do in your daylight hours.

I was pleasantly surprised when my dad revealed that he had bought some lights in previous years' post-Christmas sales, yet this was the year he chose to string them up on our railing after I commented to him how pretty our neighbours' lights were. He plans to leave them up until the battery inside the solar-powered unit dies, so hopefully we'll be able to enjoy these lights for a while to come!

(Miku wishes a) Merry X'mas, by forfreedo, on Pixiv Image by forfreedo, on Pixiv.